Ben Saoud Boutiques is the official distributor for Rolex & other luxury Swiss watch brands in Libya. Over many years, the boutiques’ group has been mastering the luxury experience provided to its clients. The company’s policy is to maintain its position at the forefront of the luxury field. Whether in the boutiques or through communication, Ben Saoud Boutiques has serious commitment to maintain the reputation and trust of customers. In that context, The company plays an active role in preserving this acquired heritage.


1941 - Our Founder


In his small home-town Derna, the ambitious young Salhin Ben Saoud opened his first Shop for selling and repairing watches, after he learned and mastered this profession, which he loved since he was a child, watching the Grandfather Clocks and wondering how they work.

1948 - Transforming the business

Salhin Ben Saoud and his close friend Mohamed Sheikh, decided to establish a trade company called Ben Saoud & Sheikh Co. for the import and sale of watches, clocks and gift items.

Over the years the company became the first and leading name for watch trade in the country representing and acting as exclusive agents for most of the well-known Swiss watch brands.

1973 - Expansion

This year witnessed the decision of the two partners to terminate their partnership in a friendly way. 

1974 - Ben Saoud Stores

Now a family owned establishment, Salhin Ben Saoud and his sons decided to resume their activity under the name Ben Saoud Stores.

1981 - Interruption

The Libyan Government nationalized all private business, and replaced them with State owned companies.

Son of the founder, Mr Abubaker Salhin Ben Saoud was a Business administration student at the time, from a young age he was passionate about the field of watches and followed the watch makers at Ben Saoud workshops from which he learned the basics of watch repair.

1984 - Development

First from the left, Mr. Abubaker Ben Saoud

1984 - Development

As there weren’t much business opportunities in the country, Mr. Abubaker decided with the support of his father to improve his English language skills and to advance in the field of watchmaking, so he went to England for three years, then In January 1987 he attended the WOSTEP watchmaking and repairing training Center courses in Neuchatel-Switzerland, after his graduation in Jun 1987, he undertook various watchmaking courses in watch factories for most of the brands represented by Ben Saoud Stores in Libya.

At the End of 1988, private business started coming back slowly in Libya, Ben Saoud Stores returned and opened new branches around the country. Noticing the need for improvement, By 2003, as an active member of the Ben Saoud Stores family, Mr Abubaker thought deeply to take steps forward to specialize in the luxury field by opening independent and separate boutiques for luxury brands.

2004 - Ben Saoud Boutiques

Mr Abubaker Ben Saoud, established Ben Saoud Boutiques for Luxury and prestigious Brands and launched the first Boutique in Tripoli Tower, one of the most prestigious business and shopping buildings in Tripoli.

By 2005 Ben Saoud Boutiques became the official distributor for Rolex & Tudor as well as Chopard and other well-known Brands. 

2007 - Growing Prestige

2007 - Growing Prestige

Our Rolex Corner was opened in Tripoli at Al Wahat shopping Center on February 2007.


Ben Saoud Boutiques took crucial steps towards development in electronic and technical services, including the establishment of a website, social media presence and a VIP CRM system.