Experience the welcoming uniqueness at each visit, in our Tripoli Tower and Al-Wahat Center boutiques

Al-Wahat Center Boutique

With its magnificient location at the beginning of the high-end shopping district Hay Al-Andalus, The 1st Rolex Corner Boutique in Africa, Al-Wahat Center promises fascinating insights into the local culture and heritage. It is today a prominent shopping hub, attracting tourists and locals alike. The well-designed character of our selected location matches perfectly the timelessness and rich history of the brands we proudly represent.

The conceptual identity of this boutique echoes the traditional character expressed in our Tripoli Tower flagship, whilst expressing our affinity for modern architecture and style.

Beyond the design details which was created by Rolex, the spacious dimensions of our boutique allows us to undoubtedly represent the Rolex identity and consolidate the brand’s position as leader. With its large selection of Rolex, Tudor and other luxury watches, our Hay Al-Andalus boutique is the ideal location for the luxury watch aficionados.

Address: Al Wahat Shopping Center, Hay-Alandalus – Tripoli, Libya
T: +218 21 478 2080 
Opening Hours:
Saturday – Thursday, 10:00-16:00

Tripoli Tower Boutique

Overlooking Tripoli’s beautiful coastline, our boutique enjoys a privileged position at the main entrance of Tripoli Tower, making it the one of the first shops inside the building.

Our flagship hosts a beautiful showroom with a large selection of Rolex and Tudor watches. It is also home for the exclusive official Rolex workshop in Libya.

While our boutique’s spacious layout allows us to have free creative reign, its prominent corner position, with the perfect number of vitrines, reflects the values of prestige and excellence that characterize not just our flagship, but the Rolex brand itself. All of these elements came into play in order to give us the iconic boutique we proudly occupy today.

Address: 46 Tripoli Tower – Tripoli, Libya
T: +218 21 335 1411 
Opening Hours: 
Saturday – Thursday, 10:00-16:00